While I feel this poem really doesn’t require any explanation, and usually I like to leave interpretation up the reader, this short poem perfectly describes the point I have arrived at in my life.

For the majority of my past, I put the potential for love above all else. Even as a kid (and an avid reader) I read primarily romance novels or books with romantic sub-plots. I lived for romance movies. For birthdays, when blowing out the candles, I would wish to find love. I said many times that I was in love with the idea of love. When anyone asked what I thought my reason for being was, my answer was always to find love. Be loved. For what is the point of living if not to have love?

And when I was in a relationship, I tended to put my significant other before me in almost all cases. If they needed something from me, I gave it, even if it meant sacrificing my own happiness. In all of my past relationships, it was inevitable that I found myself giving more than I was getting in return.

While I feel there is nothing wrong with being a good, generous partner and making sure your S/O is happy, I have learned that there is a line that should never be crossed, and that line is neglecting yourself in order to make others happy. This is something that I have done to the detriment of myself, and inevitably those relationships as well.

I have now been single for almost two years. It was not always something that I’ve wanted, but I have come to found a peace within myself that I never had before. I am comfortable being alone. I can make myself happy, and I am happy within myself.

During this time of solitude, I have explored myself more than I ever dared take the time to before. Instead of focusing on others, I have been focusing solely on myself and what it is that drives me in this life. I have moved to a different state all on my own. I have pursued a dream job that I had put off for the sake of others. I have made unpopular life decisions purely because it was what I desired. What others thought was of no consequence to me. Every move I have made has been of my own volition.

If you asked me now who I am and what makes me me, I could tell you. If you asked me what I love about myself and what dreams I have, I could tell you.

I know who I am without a man.

I know who I am without love.

And I’ve realized that I am not here on Earth to be loved by a man or to serve a man. I do not need someone to “complete me.” I am here because I have my very own special and unique gifts. I, by myself, without anyone else, bring something to this world that cannot be offered by anyone else.

And most importantly — what has taken me twenty-five years to learn — I finally love myself for exactly who I am.

  1 comment for “Mine

  1. Tracey Ferguson
    March 6, 2019 at 4:58 am

    What a wonder place to be in your life! Self discovery is exciting and wonderful and amazing, enjoy the ride❤💕


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