The Darkened Road

Lamplight punctuates the night,
Like commas, marked along the road
Next, then next, then next,
Always another, more to come
Each one brighter than the last
Illuminating the way, they beckon
Come here, come here, and here
I am at a crossroads
Turning toward an all un-seeable street
And I wonder if all the men in my life
Were just flood lights
Guiding me through the thoroughfare
Come here, come here —
Until I learned not to fear
The darkened road.

— W&W Poetry

Blackout Poetry #2

Every time
she says
“You hurt me,”
Every time
she calls
“I saw
the fire, I saw you”

— W&W Poetry


First his
Then his
Then his —
Years of my
Love pushed
Into others’ arms.
And now —
And mine
And mine.
And I wonder
Why it took
So long
To find solace
In myself.

— W&W Poetry

Blackout Poetry #1

I pray
the sea
everything around it
disappears beneath
the sun

—W&W Poetry

Wake You

Bitter dark roast,
full bodied brew,
I wake you up,
stir something
deep in your gut,
give you a heady high,
consume me with the sunrise,
first thing —
or I’ll leave you awake and
alert and searching for
some way out of this inane
inertia. No,
you can’t go a day without
without happily lapping
the energy
from my black blood heart.

— W&W Poetry


I need release
From this pressure
You built up inside me —
Crack joints and pop bones,
Contorting my body to
Wring out all the eddies
Of your soul
That ache in me.

— W&W Poetry

You ever feel someone’s presence stuck in you long after they’re gone? Yeah… me too.

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